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I help female business owners, high performers and athletes optimise their hormones, health and habits to unlock sustainable energy and peak performance.

Progressive change, sustainable results...


As someone with a long-term passion for healthy living, coaching has enabled me to help others on the same journey. As your Nutrition & Health Coach, I provide comprehensive coaching and individualised support to guide you and help you feel in control of your health and performance. I am a businesswoman and competing athlete who has transformed from chronic illness to health and happiness through sustainable nutrition and health habits.


I work with highly motivated, busy women who want to master their lifestyle choices so they can be their best, always.


Get in touch to learn more and start improving your health and well-being on your terms.

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Lynn Colepaugh

“Zoey has an unrivalled passion for health and nutrition, and it is contagious! I have a lot of health challenges, and she is my go-to for understanding how to transform my lifestyle into one that works for me. She breaks down the information to make it accessible and relevant. She is the woman for the job if you need to make lasting change."


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Molly Walden

Zoey has been fantastic - she advised me on nutrition/ lifestyle choices to help with acne and also heading into my first [bodybuilding competition] prep.


Zoey showed me lots of research which really helped me to implement changes. The biggest change for me was transitioning from smoking to vaping which I never thought I’d be able to do and hadn’t previously managed. I also gained more control over my nutrition and am now in more positive daily routines - skincare and supplement regimes which have made a big difference.


I had my blood work done and have been communicating with my gp more regarding my prep and my acne and he has also implemented cream to help control the break outs and is supportive of my prep and how it is being carried out.


All in all Zoey has been such a catalyst for positive changes and I can’t thank her enough for the time and effort she put in - the knowledge she’s given me has been invaluable and I will be carrying on with the advice she’s given for a long time to come as it’s actually working!

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1:1 coaching

Choose bespoke coaching to get you the long-lasting results you need and deserve..

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Corporate wellness

Choose team tracking with bespoke support for those who need it most to reduce burnout and boost engagement

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Health & Life Portal

Check out my courses and programs and downloads that you can access and complete at your own pace.

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