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White Paper: Towards A Healthier, Happier Britain

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As someone who is focused on improving your health and performance, I’m excited to introduce you to a ground-breaking report recently published by the UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA) which reviews the health crisis faced not only by

the public, but by every sector - health, employment, physical activity, education, advocacy,

communities - that has a vested interest in improving individuals’ and our population’s health.

The report explains the role, impact and strong evidence base for integrating the non-clinical modality of health coaching as a foundational input and makes a set of recommendations for health coaching as a first-base support for primary prevention, proactive healthcare and health creation.

As a qualified health coach and a UKIHCA-Full Member, I strongly encourage you to explore the contents of this seminal report and would very much like an opportunity to discuss how I can support you to make a real difference.

Please reach out to me with any questions or for an informal chat to discuss any of the important issues and recommendations in this paper.

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