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Certified Nutrition & Health Coach

Let's talk about how people can transform and optimise their lives through nutrition and health habits.

Location: United Kingdom

Available For: Remote or face-to-face interviews, speaking engagements and workshops.

Background Information

Zoey M. Hughes is a certified Nutrition & Health Coach and IFBB athlete. She comes from a background of numerous medical issues that she keeps in check through nutrition, routine, and exercise.  Need an expert to talk about the power of nutrition and health in a way that is relatable and sustainable? Invite Zoey to be a guest.

Topics I Can Discuss:

- How small changes can have compound effects on your life
- How nutrition can ensure you turn up as your best self every day
- How our habits influence our children
- The power of habit, for good and for bad
- Why concentrating on your health is not selfish
- How you can build sustainable health into any lifestyle
- Good foundations for health and fitness

- The effect of our food choices on our hormones

How I'll Promote Podcasts I'm On

I will include a mention at time of recording and at time of release with a link to the podcast episode on my Instagram and LinkedIn. I will also include a link in my newsletter.

I am also available to guest blog (15+ years experience).

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